I was really happy with this paragraph:

” A well-designed haptic experience also takes time. You need to test many subtle variations, but it’s a hoot to be able to say to friends that you just spent the afternoon designing the perfect haptic experience for a crocodile eating a pineapple.” www.raywenderlich.com/10608020-…

My latest raywenderlich.com article is up! “Getting Started With Core Haptics” www.raywenderlich.com/10608020-…

Highly recommend the email newsletter Big by Matt Stoller. The latest is good for understanding the roots of what’s going on in the US right now: Corporate Power, Protests and the Breakdown of a Social Contract… and probably in Australian politics too.

The Apple Combine framework is like taking the red pill; the more I use it the more I want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. So far it hasn’t effected build times, app performance or memory usage in any way, and I feel like I can solve so many problems with it. In fact there have been cases where it’s improved app performance once I removed home rolled async solutions - especially when removing OperationQueues and custom Operation subclasses, surprisingly!

My 2nd article for RW is up: www.raywenderlich.com/7738344-m… an update to an older MapKit intro.

The axiiio homepage has been updated with some sweet new examples of rigs and camera work: www.axiiio.com

The Axiiio Kickstarter launch is getting closer! www.axiiio.com/view/kick…

Checkout this funky Axiiio video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AFKa-2GGYo

UILayoutGuide where have you been all my life. If you’re making a complicated layout where you want the some parts of the view to display under the safe areas to the edge of the screen, but other parts to sit within the safe area, UILayoutGuide is a good friend to have.

Oh, take me home Crompton Road …

The decor at this burger place in Sapporo, Japan…

It’s finally out: the vid explaining exactly what the Axiiio motion control system can do for filmmakers youtu.be/55h0l3ZVd… This is what I’ve been building an app for this year!

Suddenly concerned for how many Swift files I have included an erroneous import Foundation statement!

Finally started using GYB (https://github.com/apple/swift/blob/master/utils/gyb.py) for code generation. Wish I had started earlier!

SwiftUI stole the spotlight at WWDC 2019, but Combine, diffable data sources, and collection view compositional layouts, fix a huge amount of annoying things in UIKit. Really enjoying getting to know them all.

Watching a timelapse being taken is almost as good as watching paint dry, but here’s a cool pic

Some Friday night fun,@axiiio testing with an evening motion time lapse

Haven’t had one of these in a while. Trying to use @Published from Combine with a tuple property causes a segmentation fault: 11 in the compiler. Eg. @Published var value: (Int,Int) = (0,0) will cause a segfault in a method where you update that value: value = (intVal, intVal)

Ryan Singer is spot on in this thread about product ownership twitter.com/rjs/statu… “playing time Tetris” is my new favourite analogy!

My first tutorial on raywenderlich.com is out! It’s all about accessibility and custom controls. www.raywenderlich.com/4720178-i…

Axiiio sneak peak, showing the footage captured is up here: youtu.be/2bDDGwFwh…

My tip for SwiftUI: if you find your list of @State variables is growing long, admit it: you’re actually building a view controller. Stop that! Start breaking it up into smaller View components.

First impressions of using SwiftUI for real

My first impressions of SwiftUI were it was a bit of a slog to get up to speed; the changes from the beta to the release version weren’t helping; sudden unfamiliarity after years of UIKit was uncomfortable; live previews were failing more often than they were working.

But after a couple of weeks it dawned on me: you’re mad to try and build a SwiftUI app like a UIKit app; which of course was what I was doing.

UIKit requires you to have a working app, to even start to see anything running. With SwiftUI you can start from a single screen that you’ve been imagining and see its preview as you build. No need to think about the app’s model, the launch behaviours, the navigation, or any of the plumbing.

Gotta break those UIKit habits; just start playing with a single view. It was much more rewarding and each proof of concept was easier to reach. Kind of like building from the inside out. You get to build the most important concepts first.

Damn, just noticed in tomorrow’s forecast, Shifty Jelly announce the Pocket Weather servers are finally shutting down Dec 31st 2019

Some very cool footage should appear here soon… www.youtube.com/channel/U…